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The other day we (myself, husband and our 4 kids) were at the Walmart in Waxahachie. We were walking around in the grocery section of the store, when we heard an announcement about a young boy (age 7) was missing, last seen at the bathroom in the front of the store. The gave a description of this boy which was pretty similar to my 7 year old son, same size, some color shirt, same hair color, but my son does not wear glasses and the boy missing does. We actually stopped shopping and started looking for this boy, I stayed in the grocery section and towards the front, and my husband shot to the back, past the electronics and to to they toy department. I noticed that NO other shoppers stopped and looked, I was really disappointed to see that everyone was just shopping away and didn’t care that a child was MISSING and could be near them, or they could be looking to see if someone was taking this child. A CHILD is more darn important that your damn tv dinner, biscuit, or whatever!.. This child could have been in trouble! and its really sad that no shoppers were looking. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE.. SHOULD have stopped and looked. What if this was your child? grandchild? nephew? cousin? People!!! really!

But all the workers were looking.. I’ve never seen that many walmart employees running around the store, it was like they were coming out of the walls, although I personally don’t think they came out of the walls QUICK enough.. but at least they did start looking. Also, I noticed, that no one, was looking at my son like “are you him?” since he did fit the description, only ONE Walmart (eventually) stopped looked straight at him, at me, then at a co-worker, which shook her head ‘no’.   I was just really disappointed in people that day.. its a real shame, that people are that darn concerned about themselves!

Good news tho, child was found safe and sound.. Thank God.

♦ Christina Rose


Divorce (some thoughts)

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I have been divorced so I understand that there are many reason that a divorce should take place.. but lately I have been thinking about how the divorce affects other people. Luckily for me I didn’t have children with my ex, not saying he would be a bad parent, but being that the divorce was inevitable it was best we didn’t have children. I have been talking to and listening to others about whats going on with their situations.. The problem I have is..


The other family members, or the step-family members. How can the be a part of a child’s life for years, then when a divorce happen they no longer have anything to do with the kids, or even ask about them? I see this all the time. Where a step-mom or dad and the parent will divorce then that step-parent and his/her family have no desire to find out how the kids are doing, or to keep some sort of relationship with the kids… I just don’t understand that. If you have made a bond with a child, and the situation for that child’s parents change, why do you have to walk away from the child? even if you don’t want to talk to the ex, there are other people that can be contacted to find out how these children are doing.


In my case, my step-mom and dad divorced, since the divorce my step-mom and her family have slowly backed off wanting to know me and my kids… its been gradual but I can see it now.


In my step-daughters case she built a relationship with her ex step-dads family, and they don’t call or write her, she called them gave them our number. I just don’t understand that. How can you love a child, be a part of a child’s life, and then when a divorce happens, just walk away. It wouldn’t be hard for those people to talk to her, they could call here or write her here (ore email). This has happened to me too, when I was a kid. It makes me feel bad when she talks so highly of these people (and she should).. but I know they have moved on and won’t contact her and probably will never see her again (their choice).


I don’t know what life holds for me in the future, but if something were to happen and I got a divorce (please don’t jump to thinking I am). I have a bond and a relationship with my step-daughter. I love her like my own, and if something like that were to happen.. I would stay in her life as long as SHE wanted me too, period.  And when she is grown and does have children I will love those kids as tho they are my own grandkids, I will not shove her kids to the side, when my other children have babies… Anyways, just venting a little here.. I do understand divorce and why it happens.. but for those people that build relationships with others through a marriage (children or adults), please don’t walk away for those you have bonded with, just because two people can’t be together anymore..



I am

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I am
  • I am a mother
  • I am a wife
  • I am a daughter
  • I am a granddaughter
  • I am a sister
  • I am a niece
  • I am a cousin
  • I am a friend
  • I am a chauffeur
  • I am a teacher
  • I am a nurse (to my children and family)
  • I am a chef
  • I am a housekeeper
  • I am a pet owner
  • I am a lover
  • I am a fighter (when necessary)
  • I am a secretary
  • I am a bill payer
  • I am a landscaper
  • I am an event planner
  • I am a mediator
  • I am a counselor
  • I am a cheerleader
  • I am a motivator
  • I am a disciplinarian
  • I am a photographer of my kids


I am a women, named Christina (my favorite title is “Momma”)

I am the above, and much much more…

Written by: Christina Rose

I’ve noticed over the years how hard it is for people to admit when they are wrong. It’s not easy for me, but if I’m wrong I’ll say I’m wrong. If I need to apologize I will.

Here is a SMALL example. My teen comes to me a week or so ago and is telling me about a book she is having to read for English class. I tell her she needs to make sure she really reads it and pays attention because there will probably be a test on it. Her reply “na there won’t be a test, she just wants us to read it”. I said “well its been my experience when an English teacher assigns a book to read, she/he usually does a test or quiz on the book, to make sure people actually read it.” She just kind of shrugs it off. I know she will read the book (if its interesting) she likes to read. So yesterday she tells me that on Friday there will a test on the book she is reading for English class, she said a lot of her classmates have not read it yet, and probably won’t do so good on the test. I didn’t say anything, except “they should have read it.” How hard would it have been to say “you know you were right, she is testing us on that book”.. LOL..

Examples like above happen all the time, not just with our teen and happen with more serious subject matter. I can even know I’m 100% right about something, pull the info up to show the person, and still they just shrug it off. It just amazes me how no one really wants to say “oh I guess you were right” or something similar because it means admitting they were wrong about something. I think everyone is right sometimes and everyone is wrong sometimes, but very few actual will admit it. They may know it, but saying it.. is not going to happen.

Also, its hard for people to say I’m sorry or I’m wrong when it comes to doing things they shouldn’t or saying things they shouldn’t have. Anyways, just thought I would blog about it today.

have a blessed day.

Hello World

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I made this site so I can blog my thoughts, opinions, local news, and etc.. Anyone is welcome to comment on anything I post, as long as it’s not threatening in nature. People don’t have to agree what I have posted, I am open minded and gladly take in others opinions or thoughts even if they differ from my own. People should be able to agree and disagree in a civil manor.

To my children

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** The below is something I (Christina Rose) wrote.. so please Do Not copy and paste it to make it your own. Write things like this in your own words Thank you.

I will kiss your booboo’s, I will wipe your tears, I will cheer you on, I will pick you up when you fall, I will encourage you, I will guide you, I will let you make some of your own mistakes, I will be a shoulder to cry on, I will be a voice of reason, I will be the voice of truth (even if its something you don’t want to hear), I will scold you at times, I will ground you at times (all for good reason), You will get mad at me from time to time, but that just means I’m being a “PARENT”. I will have “your back” in life, I am truly someone that is one YOUR side in life, you can tell me anything and I will listen with an open heart and open mind. I will correct you when your wrong, I will push you to be better when needed, I will back off when needed, if your in a bad situation I will come get you out of that situation. You can push me away and I will still be here, when your ready. I will protect you, I will always be there for you.. I love you