To my children

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

** The below is something I (Christina Rose) wrote.. so please Do Not copy and paste it to make it your own. Write things like this in your own words Thank you.

I will kiss your booboo’s, I will wipe your tears, I will cheer you on, I will pick you up when you fall, I will encourage you, I will guide you, I will let you make some of your own mistakes, I will be a shoulder to cry on, I will be a voice of reason, I will be the voice of truth (even if its something you don’t want to hear), I will scold you at times, I will ground you at times (all for good reason), You will get mad at me from time to time, but that just means I’m being a “PARENT”. I will have “your back” in life, I am truly someone that is one YOUR side in life, you can tell me anything and I will listen with an open heart and open mind. I will correct you when your wrong, I will push you to be better when needed, I will back off when needed, if your in a bad situation I will come get you out of that situation. You can push me away and I will still be here, when your ready. I will protect you, I will always be there for you.. I love you

  1. Mary B ~~ says:

    Super! Such cuties too!

  2. justme says:

    Awesome, and well written. I wish more parents felt this way about the being a “Parent”

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