Hard for people to admit when they are wrong

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve noticed over the years how hard it is for people to admit when they are wrong. It’s not easy for me, but if I’m wrong I’ll say I’m wrong. If I need to apologize I will.

Here is a SMALL example. My teen comes to me a week or so ago and is telling me about a book she is having to read for English class. I tell her she needs to make sure she really reads it and pays attention because there will probably be a test on it. Her reply “na there won’t be a test, she just wants us to read it”. I said “well its been my experience when an English teacher assigns a book to read, she/he usually does a test or quiz on the book, to make sure people actually read it.” She just kind of shrugs it off. I know she will read the book (if its interesting) she likes to read. So yesterday she tells me that on Friday there will a test on the book she is reading for English class, she said a lot of her classmates have not read it yet, and probably won’t do so good on the test. I didn’t say anything, except “they should have read it.” How hard would it have been to say “you know you were right, she is testing us on that book”.. LOL..

Examples like above happen all the time, not just with our teen and happen with more serious subject matter. I can even know I’m 100% right about something, pull the info up to show the person, and still they just shrug it off. It just amazes me how no one really wants to say “oh I guess you were right” or something similar because it means admitting they were wrong about something. I think everyone is right sometimes and everyone is wrong sometimes, but very few actual will admit it. They may know it, but saying it.. is not going to happen.

Also, its hard for people to say I’m sorry or I’m wrong when it comes to doing things they shouldn’t or saying things they shouldn’t have. Anyways, just thought I would blog about it today.

have a blessed day.

  1. justme says:

    Ain’t that the truth!

  2. Mary B ~~ says:

    YOU are so right about this! I have noticed the same thing, and it drives me crazy. Also … why do people think they have to control what another person thinks or says? Example: I say & think a lot of biblical stuff. Its ME, my thoughts & my ways. I don’t force others to be like me. But others try to force me to be like them by threatening to delete me off their fb & stuff. WHY? Ugh, why is life so dificult anyway?? 😦

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