Lost child at local Walmart (disappointed)

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

The other day we (myself, husband and our 4 kids) were at the Walmart in Waxahachie. We were walking around in the grocery section of the store, when we heard an announcement about a young boy (age 7) was missing, last seen at the bathroom in the front of the store. The gave a description of this boy which was pretty similar to my 7 year old son, same size, some color shirt, same hair color, but my son does not wear glasses and the boy missing does. We actually stopped shopping and started looking for this boy, I stayed in the grocery section and towards the front, and my husband shot to the back, past the electronics and to to they toy department. I noticed that NO other shoppers stopped and looked, I was really disappointed to see that everyone was just shopping away and didn’t care that a child was MISSING and could be near them, or they could be looking to see if someone was taking this child. A CHILD is more darn important that your damn tv dinner, biscuit, or whatever!.. This child could have been in trouble! and its really sad that no shoppers were looking. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE.. SHOULD have stopped and looked. What if this was your child? grandchild? nephew? cousin? People!!! really!

But all the workers were looking.. I’ve never seen that many walmart employees running around the store, it was like they were coming out of the walls, although I personally don’t think they came out of the walls QUICK enough.. but at least they did start looking. Also, I noticed, that no one, was looking at my son like “are you him?” since he did fit the description, only ONE Walmart (eventually) stopped looked straight at him, at me, then at a co-worker, which shook her head ‘no’.   I was just really disappointed in people that day.. its a real shame, that people are that darn concerned about themselves!

Good news tho, child was found safe and sound.. Thank God.

♦ Christina Rose

  1. Mary B ~~ says:

    Awww, Christina I’m sorry, I know how it is and your so right, people should stop and look for a missing child. Thats why they stay missing,lack of adult supervision and adult attention.

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