Dream (Sept 17-18th)

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dream log


On Sept  17th I had an unusual dream, I tend to have them a lot, this is why I have decided to start a dream log by typing out my dreams. So I go to sleep on  Sept 17 and wake up on the 18th having had a crazy dream.

In this dream I am at home with Krista, my husband is at work, Anna is at High school, Dustyn and Dylan are at the elementary school. Something catastrophic happens, I’m unaware if it a virus, weather related,  something in the air, or what.. but people start dying by the thousands. I head to the elementary school to get the boys with Krista in tow, while smiley goes to the high school to get Anna. At the elementary school things are hectic and a mess, people are at a loss as to what to do and what is going on.  I get Dylan, no one knows where Dustyn is, we can’t find him, Anna and Smiley show up at the elementary and help me try to find Dustyn. After   a while we realize he just isn’t in the building, I’m in panic mode, one person tells me that the government has set up a ‘safe zone or place’ for everyone to meet at and that maybe someone took Dustyn over there. So we head that way, and man it’s sad, there are dead people all around, it’s a mess and people are just really at a loss. It takes us awhile to get where we need to be. Once in side this government place we look for Dustyn and can’t find him, I try leaving to find him they won’t let me leave. After a little while my mom and chip show up at this place, I decided that at this point there is enough people (smiley, my mom and chip) to help with my kids, so that I could go find Dustyn. I make it clear they will let me out to look, so finally they do… I’m literally stepping over dead bodies looking for my son. I am looking and looking, at certain times I have to report back to this government place and also need to check on my family. Out of my group (family) they would only allow one of us to leave to look for Dustyn.. There was no way it wasn’t gonna be me, so every minute I could I was  looking for him. After a few days they released us to return home or where ever… I wanted to go home, hoping Dustyn was there, or would show up there. Every day I looked for my son for hours at a time, smiley could know join me in looking. We went on horse back, motorcycle, jacked up trucks (hoping to get his attention if he seen  the big truck). We had huge poster with his picture and name put up every where.  People kept telling me that he was probably dead and in one of the mass graves that had to be dug. Others didn’t say much but I could tell they where giving up on his return. Some made comments about how  I have other kids to spend time with, which usually pissed me off, because if one of them was missing I would be looking endlessly for them to. I could tell smiley was starting to lose hope, but would never say anything, nor discourage me from looking. At some point the field across the street was turned into a cow/farm and this one guy from the neighborhood moved in next door. (we will call him Sam for the sake of the story, as to not use his real name). Sam knows Dustyn and when I explained to him he was still missing and to please keep an eye out (this person is very active in the community and see a lot of people and places every day). I was hoping maybe he would see Dustyn or hear something and let me know. Well one morning as I was getting my shoes on to go out and look for Dustyn again.. I hear Sam yelling “get his momma! Get his momma!” I look out and see Sam pointing towards my house telling some co-workers to come get me.. about this time I see Sam running into the field, I look to see what he is running towards.. and there was Dustyn.. limping along trying to get back home through this field. Sam got to him 1st I wasn’t far behind. I picked him up carried him in the house and cried.. I had my baby back! Dustyn would never tell me what happened, where he was, what he went through.. he wouldn’t speak a word about it.. He was forever changed, he wasn’t as out-going, but I still seen a lot of the Dustyn I knew.  I was just  thankful  he was back with me and his family where he belonged. Then I woke up…



*I have no idea where this dream came from, I have very detailed, vivid, dreams all the time.

I am going to write out and maybe blog some of my dreams I will probably list them by date, they should always have “dream” in some part of the subject line.

  1. Mary B ~~ says:

    Wow girlie, scary!

  2. Anonymous says:

    so sad and scarey and in the end of times this could come to pass but if u pray i believe it wont happen to your family I pray that it dont but i am sorry but they would have to kill me to stop me from looking for him too course i would leave to look after or when you did and if they not let me they best shoot me..I would die for any of my grandkids to do whats right.. I am sorry u had this dream sometimes they r warning and we can pray ..:)

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