What a shame

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

I worked hard for you. I helped your company pack and move to another location. I volunteered my own van for use in moving sensitive stuff to the new location. I helped everything get set up, helped in other departments when needed. I came in early during our busy times, I stayed late.. when no one else would (they shot out the door quickly and never offered to stay late).. I worked through lunch breaks, did everything asked in a timely manor. Good luck finding someone that can learn as quickly as myself and willing to do as much as I have (for little pay I might add). You keep babying the one person, and letting her run off good people because they won’t kiss her butt or baby her.. You’ll soon wish you didn’t. 


this is me just venting some… I understand why we had to part ways (some have told me to leave before I did, but I made a commitment and wanted to honor that.. until now)


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