Crazy dream… Aug 20th 2013

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Crazy dream… Aug 20th 2013


In my dream.. Myself, my husband, my 3 year old Krista and my teenager (17) were at Wal-Mart school supplies shopping. Krista came up missing.. all three of us frantically looked for her. We notified Wal-Mart staff as we kept looking, around clothes racks, bathrooms, everywhere. The store didn’t have very many customers in it at the time. An employee said he seen blonde man carrying a blonde toddler out, and she was crying “I want my momma”, but he didn’t think much of it, because kids cry for their momma when they are with here dads (and visa versa). We looked at security film with the police, sure enough we see a blonde guy lure Krista a few feet away from us, and he quickly grabs her up and takes off towards the front of the store, gets her in his car and leaves. They could see the car he was driving on video which gave us a lead. The cops wanted us to go home, and they would take care of it.. Umm NO! not happening.  I somehow seen a paper, with an address on it and the fact that two men lived at this address. So we (husband, teen, and myself) went over to this address.. I didn’t even bother to knock.. I just walked in, a guy was sitting on the sofa (not the guy that took my kid) I said “where is your roommates room?” He pointed and we headed that way.. we opened the door and no one was in there. So we started looking around the room for any signs that Krista had been there. When I noticed some stuffed animals and a pink blanket. At this point the roommate walked in and asked us “what the hell are you doing” I said “my child was taken and the man that did it, is your roommate. Why does a grown man have stuff animals and a pink blanket”? He said; that a few weeks back his roommate had a toddler girl with him, and told him it was his girlfriend’s kid, and he didn’t think much of it. He seen the child a few times, but it’s been several weeks since he seen her last. We continued to look through his stuff, trying to find a clue.. also a part of me wanted to find a gun, because I had every intention on killing him when I found him. I explained to his roommate that I would literally die for her, and need her back (while crying). I said I would lay my life down so that she could go home with her daddy and sister (her brothers were visiting somewhere at that time). He said he understood and said that the guy does have another run down home, which he could have taken her to. He said the address was 608 Blythe Street. So we headed that way. We found the house, I was the 1st at the front door, I heard Krista crying,  so I busted threw the front door. I found her alone in a small bedroom, the house was really run down with hardly anything in it. I picked her up (smiley and Anna right behind me).. we headed towards the front door. I told smiley I wanted to wait for him to come back.. I wanted to kill him. He said no we should call the police (as he was dialing 911) because he isn’t worth the “chance” you might go to prison for killing him. The cops came, took our report, found him, arrested him.. and found out that this wasn’t the 1st time. In fact he had taken a couple little girls before Krista, did god knows what to them and killed them. The detectives were able to recover their bodies. We took Krista to he Emergency Room to have her checked over, nothing had been done to her, she was in great shape. And she didn’t fully understand the danger she had been in, she was scared and clingy, kept saying “momma I losted you”.


Things turned out okay… but that was a really hard dream on me.. and one that will haunt me for awhile. 


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