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Crazy dream… Aug 20th 2013

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Crazy dream… Aug 20th 2013


In my dream.. Myself, my husband, my 3 year old Krista and my teenager (17) were at Wal-Mart school supplies shopping. Krista came up missing.. all three of us frantically looked for her. We notified Wal-Mart staff as we kept looking, around clothes racks, bathrooms, everywhere. The store didn’t have very many customers in it at the time. An employee said he seen blonde man carrying a blonde toddler out, and she was crying “I want my momma”, but he didn’t think much of it, because kids cry for their momma when they are with here dads (and visa versa). We looked at security film with the police, sure enough we see a blonde guy lure Krista a few feet away from us, and he quickly grabs her up and takes off towards the front of the store, gets her in his car and leaves. They could see the car he was driving on video which gave us a lead. The cops wanted us to go home, and they would take care of it.. Umm NO! not happening.  I somehow seen a paper, with an address on it and the fact that two men lived at this address. So we (husband, teen, and myself) went over to this address.. I didn’t even bother to knock.. I just walked in, a guy was sitting on the sofa (not the guy that took my kid) I said “where is your roommates room?” He pointed and we headed that way.. we opened the door and no one was in there. So we started looking around the room for any signs that Krista had been there. When I noticed some stuffed animals and a pink blanket. At this point the roommate walked in and asked us “what the hell are you doing” I said “my child was taken and the man that did it, is your roommate. Why does a grown man have stuff animals and a pink blanket”? He said; that a few weeks back his roommate had a toddler girl with him, and told him it was his girlfriend’s kid, and he didn’t think much of it. He seen the child a few times, but it’s been several weeks since he seen her last. We continued to look through his stuff, trying to find a clue.. also a part of me wanted to find a gun, because I had every intention on killing him when I found him. I explained to his roommate that I would literally die for her, and need her back (while crying). I said I would lay my life down so that she could go home with her daddy and sister (her brothers were visiting somewhere at that time). He said he understood and said that the guy does have another run down home, which he could have taken her to. He said the address was 608 Blythe Street. So we headed that way. We found the house, I was the 1st at the front door, I heard Krista crying,  so I busted threw the front door. I found her alone in a small bedroom, the house was really run down with hardly anything in it. I picked her up (smiley and Anna right behind me).. we headed towards the front door. I told smiley I wanted to wait for him to come back.. I wanted to kill him. He said no we should call the police (as he was dialing 911) because he isn’t worth the “chance” you might go to prison for killing him. The cops came, took our report, found him, arrested him.. and found out that this wasn’t the 1st time. In fact he had taken a couple little girls before Krista, did god knows what to them and killed them. The detectives were able to recover their bodies. We took Krista to he Emergency Room to have her checked over, nothing had been done to her, she was in great shape. And she didn’t fully understand the danger she had been in, she was scared and clingy, kept saying “momma I losted you”.


Things turned out okay… but that was a really hard dream on me.. and one that will haunt me for awhile. 


What a shame

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I worked hard for you. I helped your company pack and move to another location. I volunteered my own van for use in moving sensitive stuff to the new location. I helped everything get set up, helped in other departments when needed. I came in early during our busy times, I stayed late.. when no one else would (they shot out the door quickly and never offered to stay late).. I worked through lunch breaks, did everything asked in a timely manor. Good luck finding someone that can learn as quickly as myself and willing to do as much as I have (for little pay I might add). You keep babying the one person, and letting her run off good people because they won’t kiss her butt or baby her.. You’ll soon wish you didn’t. 


this is me just venting some… I understand why we had to part ways (some have told me to leave before I did, but I made a commitment and wanted to honor that.. until now)

Dream (Sept 17-18th)

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Dream log


On Sept  17th I had an unusual dream, I tend to have them a lot, this is why I have decided to start a dream log by typing out my dreams. So I go to sleep on  Sept 17 and wake up on the 18th having had a crazy dream.

In this dream I am at home with Krista, my husband is at work, Anna is at High school, Dustyn and Dylan are at the elementary school. Something catastrophic happens, I’m unaware if it a virus, weather related,  something in the air, or what.. but people start dying by the thousands. I head to the elementary school to get the boys with Krista in tow, while smiley goes to the high school to get Anna. At the elementary school things are hectic and a mess, people are at a loss as to what to do and what is going on.  I get Dylan, no one knows where Dustyn is, we can’t find him, Anna and Smiley show up at the elementary and help me try to find Dustyn. After   a while we realize he just isn’t in the building, I’m in panic mode, one person tells me that the government has set up a ‘safe zone or place’ for everyone to meet at and that maybe someone took Dustyn over there. So we head that way, and man it’s sad, there are dead people all around, it’s a mess and people are just really at a loss. It takes us awhile to get where we need to be. Once in side this government place we look for Dustyn and can’t find him, I try leaving to find him they won’t let me leave. After a little while my mom and chip show up at this place, I decided that at this point there is enough people (smiley, my mom and chip) to help with my kids, so that I could go find Dustyn. I make it clear they will let me out to look, so finally they do… I’m literally stepping over dead bodies looking for my son. I am looking and looking, at certain times I have to report back to this government place and also need to check on my family. Out of my group (family) they would only allow one of us to leave to look for Dustyn.. There was no way it wasn’t gonna be me, so every minute I could I was  looking for him. After a few days they released us to return home or where ever… I wanted to go home, hoping Dustyn was there, or would show up there. Every day I looked for my son for hours at a time, smiley could know join me in looking. We went on horse back, motorcycle, jacked up trucks (hoping to get his attention if he seen  the big truck). We had huge poster with his picture and name put up every where.  People kept telling me that he was probably dead and in one of the mass graves that had to be dug. Others didn’t say much but I could tell they where giving up on his return. Some made comments about how  I have other kids to spend time with, which usually pissed me off, because if one of them was missing I would be looking endlessly for them to. I could tell smiley was starting to lose hope, but would never say anything, nor discourage me from looking. At some point the field across the street was turned into a cow/farm and this one guy from the neighborhood moved in next door. (we will call him Sam for the sake of the story, as to not use his real name). Sam knows Dustyn and when I explained to him he was still missing and to please keep an eye out (this person is very active in the community and see a lot of people and places every day). I was hoping maybe he would see Dustyn or hear something and let me know. Well one morning as I was getting my shoes on to go out and look for Dustyn again.. I hear Sam yelling “get his momma! Get his momma!” I look out and see Sam pointing towards my house telling some co-workers to come get me.. about this time I see Sam running into the field, I look to see what he is running towards.. and there was Dustyn.. limping along trying to get back home through this field. Sam got to him 1st I wasn’t far behind. I picked him up carried him in the house and cried.. I had my baby back! Dustyn would never tell me what happened, where he was, what he went through.. he wouldn’t speak a word about it.. He was forever changed, he wasn’t as out-going, but I still seen a lot of the Dustyn I knew.  I was just  thankful  he was back with me and his family where he belonged. Then I woke up…



*I have no idea where this dream came from, I have very detailed, vivid, dreams all the time.

I am going to write out and maybe blog some of my dreams I will probably list them by date, they should always have “dream” in some part of the subject line.


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Warning: This is my OWN personal feelings and thoughts. If you don’t agree with them that’s fine, but if you get mad at me for them.. then you need to take a deeper look into yourself.

I am real irritated right now with the High School (some of the staff members, not all.. there are some really great people working there)

I had wrote a couple emails to some of my child’s teachers. I didn’t get a response for several days. So I wrote the following on the schools facebook page

To the High School Teachers: When a parent writes you an email with a question or in one case a serious concern a reply would be nice. You can either reply to my emails or I can call the school for a teacher conference.

I don’t think what I wrote was bad, it was a polite statement.. but not long after writing it.. the post got deleted and my ability to post on this page got removed. I don’t mind the post being deleted, I was about to remove it myself, because I was asked to email the principal about it (which I did).

The one email that I wrote a teacher with no response, that was the one that concerned me the most is ↓↓

Monday, February 13, 2012 7:01 AM

It seems things went pretty well on the Waco trip, except Anna having to be told to stop yelling, out the hotel window..

I do have one concern though.. I’m not real happy about boys and girls being in each others room at night watching movies. I know they were in the rooms from 9pm until the movies were over. I would never let a boy be in Anna’s room watching a movie or anything, because that can lead to her being in a position for her to either have to say “no” or give in to peer pressure or hormones. I honestly do not think Anna is responsible enough nor mature enough to be having sex, so I don’t want her in situations where it could happen. I do believe at this moment she would say no, but I also know.. that could all change in a moment. I’m not naive I know kids will do things even if you want them to wait, but when I send her on a school trip, I don’t want her put into that situation. The boys could all get into a room and watch movies, and the girls in another or a teacher can be in there watching movies with them. Anyways.. I just wanted to tell you my concern. On her next school trip there will have to be some promises made on the Teacher (chaperon) part, that this won’t happen. Also, I have no idea how her daddy is going to react to this when I tell him,  meaning he might make a big deal out of it.. or he may be okay with me contacting you about the concerns. 

Anyways, I do hope you have a great day.. I just need to get this concern out there or mentioned, hope you understand.

Thank you,
Christina Rose 

I did get a call from this teacher after the principal told her to call me. I felt as though the principal was mad at ME, it was a really short conversation with him saying “well everyone has their own perception of things and I will have her call you”. Not sure why he was upset with me, its my JOB to look after my kids, period! The teacher called a few minutes later.
She basically said.. I told them to go to their own rooms, I was tired, went to bed, I’m not a babysitter.
I told her she need a better plan than that, because its not okay for boy and girl teens to be in hotel rooms together with no adult. I also reiterated some things I said in the email she didn’t respond to.
With all the conversations (including talking to two other high school teachers, but on a less serious note) I was very respectful and polite. I don’t really understand why the principal was upset with me, and has made it were I can’t post stuff on the school’s facebook page.

I know overall its not that big of a deal.. (facebook thing). They need to realize I’m an easy one to deal with. I could always step aside and let some others tear into them. I’m just irritated.. I’ll get over it.



MISSING: Lisa Irwin

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MISSING: Lisa Irwin

Something about this case really bugs me. I guess since I’m a mom, and a missing child would be heart breaking. I really want to know what happened to this baby and I hope soon some information will come forth. There are so many different scenarios that have gone through my mind, I pray the baby is found safe, but the realist in me thinks that’s probably not the case.

I hope the truth of what happened to this baby is reviled soon.

Wanted to save this info

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going to paste and copy some info below that I want to save for later:

After Uncertainty, a Moment of Triumph in the Situation Room: ‘We’ve IDed Geronimo’

By MICHAEL SCHERER – Mon May 2, 6:15 pm ET
The people who gathered Sunday in the Situation Room know all about high-pressure situations. But this was something else. For 40 minutes, the President and his senior aides could do nothing but watch the video screens and listen to the operation and ensuing firefight on the other side of the world. At Barack Obama’s orders, special operations teams were invading the airspace of a foreign country, targeting a compound with unknown occupants, and hoping to get out unscathed. The target was America’s No. 1 enemy, Osama bin Laden. But no one knew for sure if he was even there.
The President sat stone-faced through much of the events. Several of his aides, however, were pacing. For long periods of time, nobody said a thing, as everyone waited for the next update. In the modern age, Presidents can experience their own military actions like a video game, except that they have no control over the events. They cannot, and would not, intervene to contact the commanders running the operation. So when word came that a helicopter had been grounded, a sign that the plan was already off course, the tension increased. (See pictures of Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan hideout.)
Minutes later, more word came over the transom. “We’ve IDed Geronimo,” said a disembodied voice, using the agreed-upon code name for America’s most wanted enemy, Osama bin Laden. Word then came that Geronimo had been killed. Only when the last helicopter lifted off some minutes later did the President know that his forces had sustained no casualties. (See pictures of people celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death.)
The decision to attack had been made days earlier by the President. He gathered his senior intelligence, military and diplomatic team together in the Situation Room on Thursday afternoon to hear his options. There were already concerns about operational security. At that point, hundreds of people had already been read into the potential whereabouts of bin Laden. Any leak would have ruined the entire mission.
The intelligence professionals said they did not know for sure that bin Laden was in the compound. The case was good, but circumstantial. The likelihood, officials told the President, was between 50% and 80%. No slam dunk. Obama went around the table asking everyone to state their opinion. He quizzed his staff about worst case scenarios – the possibility of civilian casualties, a hostage situation, a diplomatic blow-up with Pakistan, a downed helicopter. He was presented with three options: Wait to gather more intelligence, attack with targeted bombs from the air, or go in on the ground with troops. The room was divided about 50-50, said a person in the room. John Brennan, the President’s senior counter-terrorism adviser, supported a ground strike, as did the operational people, including Leon Panetta at the CIA. Others called for more time. In the end, about half of the senior aides supported a helicopter assault. The other half said either wait, or strike from above. (See TIME’s al-Qaeda covers.)
Obama left the meeting without signaling his intent. He wanted to sleep on it. At about 8:00 a.m. on Friday, just before he boarded a helicopter that would take him to tour tornado damage in Alabama, Obama called his senior aides into the Diplomatic Room. He told them his decision: A helicopter assault. At that point, the operation was taken out of his hands. He was trusting the fate of his presidency to luck. He was putting his presidency in the hands of history.
(See TIME’s Full Coverage of Osama bin Laden’s Death.)
View this article on

in this image released by the White House and digitally altered by the source to diffuse the paper in front of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House

The other day we (myself, husband and our 4 kids) were at the Walmart in Waxahachie. We were walking around in the grocery section of the store, when we heard an announcement about a young boy (age 7) was missing, last seen at the bathroom in the front of the store. The gave a description of this boy which was pretty similar to my 7 year old son, same size, some color shirt, same hair color, but my son does not wear glasses and the boy missing does. We actually stopped shopping and started looking for this boy, I stayed in the grocery section and towards the front, and my husband shot to the back, past the electronics and to to they toy department. I noticed that NO other shoppers stopped and looked, I was really disappointed to see that everyone was just shopping away and didn’t care that a child was MISSING and could be near them, or they could be looking to see if someone was taking this child. A CHILD is more darn important that your damn tv dinner, biscuit, or whatever!.. This child could have been in trouble! and its really sad that no shoppers were looking. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE.. SHOULD have stopped and looked. What if this was your child? grandchild? nephew? cousin? People!!! really!

But all the workers were looking.. I’ve never seen that many walmart employees running around the store, it was like they were coming out of the walls, although I personally don’t think they came out of the walls QUICK enough.. but at least they did start looking. Also, I noticed, that no one, was looking at my son like “are you him?” since he did fit the description, only ONE Walmart (eventually) stopped looked straight at him, at me, then at a co-worker, which shook her head ‘no’.   I was just really disappointed in people that day.. its a real shame, that people are that darn concerned about themselves!

Good news tho, child was found safe and sound.. Thank God.

♦ Christina Rose