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Warning: This is my OWN personal feelings and thoughts. If you don’t agree with them that’s fine, but if you get mad at me for them.. then you need to take a deeper look into yourself.

I am real irritated right now with the High School (some of the staff members, not all.. there are some really great people working there)

I had wrote a couple emails to some of my child’s teachers. I didn’t get a response for several days. So I wrote the following on the schools facebook page

To the High School Teachers: When a parent writes you an email with a question or in one case a serious concern a reply would be nice. You can either reply to my emails or I can call the school for a teacher conference.

I don’t think what I wrote was bad, it was a polite statement.. but not long after writing it.. the post got deleted and my ability to post on this page got removed. I don’t mind the post being deleted, I was about to remove it myself, because I was asked to email the principal about it (which I did).

The one email that I wrote a teacher with no response, that was the one that concerned me the most is ↓↓

Monday, February 13, 2012 7:01 AM

It seems things went pretty well on the Waco trip, except Anna having to be told to stop yelling, out the hotel window..

I do have one concern though.. I’m not real happy about boys and girls being in each others room at night watching movies. I know they were in the rooms from 9pm until the movies were over. I would never let a boy be in Anna’s room watching a movie or anything, because that can lead to her being in a position for her to either have to say “no” or give in to peer pressure or hormones. I honestly do not think Anna is responsible enough nor mature enough to be having sex, so I don’t want her in situations where it could happen. I do believe at this moment she would say no, but I also know.. that could all change in a moment. I’m not naive I know kids will do things even if you want them to wait, but when I send her on a school trip, I don’t want her put into that situation. The boys could all get into a room and watch movies, and the girls in another or a teacher can be in there watching movies with them. Anyways.. I just wanted to tell you my concern. On her next school trip there will have to be some promises made on the Teacher (chaperon) part, that this won’t happen. Also, I have no idea how her daddy is going to react to this when I tell him,  meaning he might make a big deal out of it.. or he may be okay with me contacting you about the concerns. 

Anyways, I do hope you have a great day.. I just need to get this concern out there or mentioned, hope you understand.

Thank you,
Christina Rose 

I did get a call from this teacher after the principal told her to call me. I felt as though the principal was mad at ME, it was a really short conversation with him saying “well everyone has their own perception of things and I will have her call you”. Not sure why he was upset with me, its my JOB to look after my kids, period! The teacher called a few minutes later.
She basically said.. I told them to go to their own rooms, I was tired, went to bed, I’m not a babysitter.
I told her she need a better plan than that, because its not okay for boy and girl teens to be in hotel rooms together with no adult. I also reiterated some things I said in the email she didn’t respond to.
With all the conversations (including talking to two other high school teachers, but on a less serious note) I was very respectful and polite. I don’t really understand why the principal was upset with me, and has made it were I can’t post stuff on the school’s facebook page.

I know overall its not that big of a deal.. (facebook thing). They need to realize I’m an easy one to deal with. I could always step aside and let some others tear into them. I’m just irritated.. I’ll get over it.



  1. donna51058 says:

    Exactly dont think they want to deal with some of the others in family .Mostly her dad. me,step grandpa and other grandparents & your siblings..Ok if u dont agree with how they handle things they delete and ya get removed hmmm..not say alot for them in my opinion..You were very polite more then most would have been..I am proud of you for alot of reasons !! You are a caring parent some just let whatever happen to their kids..The school needs to realize that document only covers them to a point in the texas isd laws..and should bend over backwards to understand that u r a concerned parent..and they should be glad you care about the welfare of the they should be more responsible in their ways and actions..You did nothing wrong so dont let them make u feel you did which i dont think u will cause u know u r right 🙂 Guess they removed you due to they dont want controversy over a subject and others made aware of THEIR lack of taking responsibility and proper actions to take care of the kids..

  2. donna51058 says:

    u know all u have to do is say I can make it my business and they will have me to deal with 🙂

  3. Mary B ~~ says:

    I think you were 100% correct and I would have done the exact same thing!

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